Avalanche Skills Training - Level 1


The AST Level 1 Course is where you will learn the fundamentals of travelling in avalanche terrain. This course is comprised of a minimum of seven hours of classroom education with one full day of instruction in the field. It is suitable for sledders with little training and minimal experience.

 Classroom Sessions:                     Field Day Sessions:

Nov 18 2017 : Lethbridge, AB          Dec 3 2017: Fernie, BC

Nov 25 2017: Regina, SK                 Dec 16 2017: Fernie, BC

Nov 26 2017: Saskatoon, SK           Dec 28 2017: Fernie, BC

Dec 2 2017: Fernie, BC                   Jan 7 2018: Fernie, BC

Dec 27 2017: Fernie, BC                 Jan 21 2018: Fernie, BC

Jan 6 2018: Fernie, BC

Jan 20 2018: Fernie, BC


Companion Rescue Skills


The Companion Rescue Skills course teaches life-saving search and rescue techniques and is is a must-have for all backcountry sledders. The CRS course may be the first step of your avalanche training, or an important refresher for those with previous training. The one-day CRS requires a minimum of seven hours in the field.

Dates: Contact us for details


Avalanche Skills training - Level 2


Ready for the next level in your avalanche skills development? The AST level 2 course builds on the foundational skills learned in the AST1 program with one class room session and three field days devoted to enhancing your decision-making framework for travelling in avalanche terrain. Participants will learn progressive planning and travel techniques for sledding safely through a variety of terrain, key techniques for using both the Danger Rating on a local scale and the ATES model to develop personal terrain ratings, and improved proficiency in carrying out a group rescue. 

Dates: February 12 - 15, 2018

Additional course dates may be available upon request

Managing avalanche terrain


The MAT course is a field based program for sledders who have taken their AST1 and are looking for additional training in terrain management. Participants will learning how to mitigate risk exposure by honing terrain assessment and travel skills. 

Dates: January 28th, 2018

Additional course dates may be available upon request

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